IT Consulting for Mainframe Environments

Oy Infilex Ltd offers IT consulting for mainframe environments like IBM MVS, IBM VSE, and IBM VM operating systems. We also have expertise in DB2, IMS/DB, and IDMS database systems, and IMS/DC and CICS real-time applications.

We specialize in COBOL, EASYTRIEVE+, Assembler, and PL/1 programming languages, as well as in numerous utility-type applications for the IBM environment, applications like Platinium, File-aid, Spufi, QMF, Abend-Aid etc.

We have experience in COBOL programming for TANDEM computers and non-stop-sql database processing.

Infilex operates as an international "umbrella company" for independent IT consultants. Our employees have many years of experience working in customer company organizations. Infilex was established in 1986.

Our customers in Finland include OP-Pohjola, Union-Merita-Nordea Bank, Fidenta, TietoLeonia-Danske Bank-Primasoft, HTML-software, IBM, and Finnair, among others.

Foreign assignments include Roche, Sligos, AMS, and Cotec.

Infilex has also experience in RFID consultation.
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